Pokediger1, commonly known by his YouTube username Poke and by his first name Zack, is a famous Roblox YouTuber with 1+ million subscribers. He is part of a group called 'The Crew And Friends,' which consists of himself and several other YouTubers such as Tofuu and SeeDeng etc. He has been warned many times, received a few bans and has even been terminated on two separate occasions


Activity - Active Edit

Month joined -August 2009 Edit

Membership - Builders Club Edit

Place visits - Around 280,000 Edit


  • PokeFansOutHere 
  • PokeWasBanned (He used this account for a while, but soon later it got banned too along with his main, then later unbanned and gave it away.)
  • PokeWBWB (His account after PokeWasBanned was terminated.
  • PokeyD1 (Poke's new account after getting Terminated and IP Banned for the Free Robux.)
  • SirRobuxJack (An account he used for a Robux Lottery, which was terminated because accused of scamming.)
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